The Secret Menu

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The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu

The Secret Menu is about as much fun as you're likely to have on a surfboard.  It packs a lot of volume, so it can be ridden very short, but the wide tail is fantastic for speed-generating, even in smaller surf. 

Because of the added foam under your chest, it catches waves early and often.  Think of it as the longboarder's favorite small-board. 

Due to the popularity and versatility of the Secret Menu model, we chose this model to be the first installment of the R-Series recyclable foamie surfboard.


The Secret Menu is ideally suited for 2 to 4 foot playful days, but this board has been proven in big barrels in Bali and Newport—under the most capable of feet.


  • 4'10 and 5’6 long


  • 5’0” 20 by 2. ‪7/16 | 28.9L
  • 5’2” 20 1/8 by 2 1/2 | 30.1L
  • 5’4” ‪20-3/8 by 2 ‪9/16 | 32.0L‬
  • 5’6” ‪20-1/4 by 2.49 | 34.6L‬

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The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
The Secret Menu
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Ethan S.
United States United States

Love this board. From the moment I caught my first wave at Oceanside Pier I just knew this shape was unique. Incredible paddle capability and awesome for speed & turns.

Almond Surfboards 5'2 Secret Menu #5835 ReviewAlmond Surfboards 5'2 Secret Menu #5835 ReviewAlmond Surfboards 5'2 Secret Menu #5835 Review
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So after riding the secret menu for a while I think it's safe to say that everyone should have this board. I have surfed it in many conditions this board will handle anything from 2 foot to overhead waves. I live on a small island in Texas and we don't get much surf and the secret menu is the perfect board.

John J.

Almond Surfboards, I just want to say that this board I purchased from Jeff was amazing. After looking at your website and going in to the shop in person I'm proud to own one of your fine products. I purchased a 5'2" Secret Menu as noted below. I'm 5'9" 150 lbs. Yesterday I took out the board to Church's. Surf was 3-5 foot and firing down the line. I was skeptical at first having such a short board under me but all I can say is that this little skateboard is the fastest thing I have ever ridden!!!!! First wave was wobbly as any board is i'm sure, but the minute I dialed it in, I was flying through the sections and making turns I never thought could be possible with a board of these dimensions. I couldn't help but laugh all day at how much fun and how much speed this thing can produce. The description on the website is exactly what it does. I could paddle into waves full peak and out surf the longboarders who just wanted to shoulder hop the wave at church. Not bagging on longboarders beause I am one but I think i just found a board that will outsurf my tri fins for sure when it comes to making clean high lines on super long waves minus the longboard ( I can't wait to take this thing to firing Malibu). If I would get this same board, I think I'll get it at 5'6 which will allow me to have more glide and catch it way earlier. Most of the waves I caught, I needed to be full peak almost under the hood which was no problem once the fins engaged and started to feel this board really fly! I can't wait to purchase your other boards and order a custom. Thanks for an amazing board! JP

Almond Surfboards

Thank you so much John!! As you can imagine, feedback like yours completely makes our day around here!

Koichi K.

At first I was worry about over floating. But Shop staff gave us good advice, then I decided to buy it. I used it waist to chest size grassy condition. It was first experience for me. Fast take off and I could make ideal track on the face. Thanks!!

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